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Top 10 Developer Mistakes Amp Tips For Mobile SEO In Google Play Android Infographic By SearchMancom

Want to display this infographic on your website? For full instructions go to: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT APP STORE OPTIMIZATION & SEO FOR THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE & ANDROID. Our developers teach us new tips every day. is the #1 self serve SEO tool for App Store Search, used by more than 16,000 mobile developers (Android & Apple) across the US, UK and Japan. #1: Using Unfriendly SEO App Names It's important to have clear and descriptive app names. For improved discoverability, consider long names that combine branding and description of the app. #2: Not Optimizing App Description The first lines of the description are the most important from user and SEO perspective. First tell the user what the app is about then list out the features and awards. #3: Not Having a Video Trailer A short, keyword optimized video can help your app's SEO and gain user adoption. Users find the video as the most convincing feature of the app detail page. #4: Forgetting About Personalization Allow users to easily rate, review, and +1 your app. Google shows recommendations based on 80 signals including: location, circles, and +1 within circles. #5: Only Focusing on Downloads Focus on your app's engagement. Google measures length of install and app activity and will not penalize if a user uninstalls after using an app for awhile. #6: Not Designing for Tablets Designing your app for the tablet experience and failing to get the "Designed for Tablets" designation. #7: Using Unhelpful Anchor Tags Instead of using the words "Google Play" to link to your app's Google Play URL, use descriptive terms to help boost your app's ranking for those keywords. #8: Misspelling Popular Apps While 50% of search queries are misspellings, do not choose app names that are close variations or misspellings of popular apps. Google will auto correct the query. #9: Making Your APK Too Large Smaller APKs get installed more and uninstalled less. As users run out of memory they will uninstall apps based on size and percentage of usage. #10: Not Creating a Viral Loop Use Google+ Recommendations API to allow users to +1 an app from within your app. Integrate with Google Play’s game services to make your app more social. Your Turn Did we miss anything? What is a mistake that you have made or seen others make? What mistake was the most insightful? Leave a comment below.

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