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Nipah Virus Infectious Agent An Overview

Nipah virus (NiV) is extremely pathogenic in nature, recently emerged paramyxovirus that has been dependable for scattered outbreaks of metastasis and encephalitic ill health in Southeast Asia. The multiplied urbanization and dynamic climate have led to rising in epidemics with incidences of recent diseases disturbing human health per annum. Most of these are zoonotic. Nipah Virus Encephalitis (NVE) is one such example that is caused by bats (flying foxes). NiV may be a new detected extremely pathogenic virus with the capability to cause devastating morbidity and mortality (an expected 100% in some cases) rate among the human populations. The illness was recorded within the sort of a significant outbreak in the Republic of India in the year of 2001 and then a tiny low incidence in the year of 2007, each the outbreaks in West Bengal only in humans without any involvement of pigs. About 1.1 million pigs had to be damaged to control the outbreak. The infection transmission from pigs acting as an intermediate host throughout Malaysian and Singapore outbreaks has adapted in NIV outbreaks in Republic of India and Bangladesh, transmission of the disease directly from bats to human followed by an individual to person. The drinking of raw date palm sap contaminated with fruit bat urine or saliva containing NiV is that the only known cause of an outbreak of the disease in Bangladesh outbreaks. High death rates have also been related to recent outbreaks in Malaysia and Bangladesh. Key-words: Nipah Virus Infection, NiV, Fruit bats, Encephalitis disease, Infectious agent, Illness, Outbreak

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